Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Big Bang....

Uh huh...that's some point there must have been a loud boom. I didn't hear it, which is just as well, but I knew as soon as I opened my kiln and saw the shards of pottery on the TOP shelf and INSIDE my smaller bowls that something below had blown up! It was on the middle shelf...the biggest bowl I've ever made!! Five pounds of clay, and if I do say so myself a really nice shape and I'm heartbroken because I loved it! Anyway, the bottom blew out. I'm guessing it was too wet. That'll teach me! Thankfully, nothing else broke, so I have the 6 smaller bowls (and a really nice bottomless bowl!)

As for Vlad, Lars and Lizzie, I won't fire them, so I won't have them for this sale. They're still very wet and I really don't want them damaged, so I'll dry them slowly. I'll have them for my next sale or perhaps I'll get them on Etsy! Tonight I'll vacuum out my kiln and tomorrow I'll fire the remaining glazed pieces!

Whew! Well, that gives me a little more time to get all the other stuff done before Saturday!


  1. Bummer.
    You need to set up a drying programme on your kiln like I did for the candlesticks and my larger sculptures, 10 hours at a very low 50degrees celcius, then you can bisque. No problems!

  2. Bad luck, it totally sucks when u have a loss like that. Hlen's advice is good!


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