Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cloud Nine...

Now I know what that feels like. I'm still a little high after yesterdays sale. I'm not rich...just high on praise and good fortune!

I had a great time! The day itself, wasn't particularily nice...overcast, windy...quite windy at times (a guild member lost a lovely and rather large platter when the wind picked it up and threw it off the stand it was perched against)...and the odd spit of rain...but only at the end of the sale. On a good note, the sun did peek out a few times...just enough to warm me up if I moved from beneath the tent. The crowd. Wow...sooooo many people..and dogs and strollers. Lot of people just strolling and enjoying the festivities...face painting, clowns, kids activities, a parade, street performers. The mood is really incredible.

People seemed to like my work and a lot of them took cards. I certainly did't walk away with big fat pockets, but all in all I was really happy with the sales I did make, including my lovely big sgraffito bowl with the blue leaves on it! I wasn't there to see who bought that and it's a little disappointing to be honest because it's always nice to know. I especially appreciated all the wonderful feedback and compliments. Things like "it's so nice to see some contemporary pottery" and lots of remarks on my colour choices and my surface treatments. I was also thrilled to meet Carole Epp, who quite frankly made my day! (god forbid I should ever meet a big time celebrity! hahahah) Carole writes the most amazing pottery blog, Musing about Mud, and I have followed her religiously for several years. She was very complimentary of my Jarheads and in the end we swapped pieces. I'm not sure who was more excited about that! She also invited me to participate in the Flock and Gather Christmas market that she and several other artists are involved with! Yeah!!!

I have to apologize for the pictures. I think I was so wrapped up in everything, that I forgot to take very many. I've included my one lone pic of my pots piled high on the table. I think in total there were seven of us, including me sharing tables and so we had limited space. I really love to display and felt a little limited in what I could do here, but you can bet that come August when I'm in my next sale and selling solo, I'll have things looking better! I've included a few pictures of some of the work of other guild members.

Thanks to everyone for the good luck wishes and encouragement and to those of you that visited my table, a great big thanks as well!

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