Friday, May 18, 2012

Jules love shiny things!

I'm on a roll! I made the last of the pots I had thrown for my jars. I'll have to throw some more, 'cos as you can imagine my head is swimming with ideas. This last one was pretty simple..and I was impressed by how quickly I finished her! It seems to get easier the more I do, maybe because I get a system going, like rolling out a big pancake of clay and adding texture to sections so it's ready to cut into the little shapes I use. I'm also trying to keep my space clean...or cleaner...though you'd never know it from the photos. Through the process, I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to use the same eye "patch" on more than one pot or the same nose...or even the same texture! I tell myself that the chances of the same person purchasing both pots isn't very likely and even if it is...would it be so bad to see some repetition?

So here she is...Jules. She's a jewellery bowl and she loves shiny things. It says so on her tattoo (on her back) I'd love to take credit for the idea, but I've seen several of them on the internet and course I wanted to make her just a little different! I think she makes a great functional piece. We can never have enough little containers for our precious jewels (or not so precious in my case!) If you're wondering about the holes circling the rim; those are for hanging your earrings and there's extra space to hang another pair in her ears. You can also pile your bangles and necklaces inside her head. I've rolled a thin peg and it's hanging from my work table..drying a little. If it works, I might stand that peg in the middle of her slip your rings on!

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