Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love my new glaze!

I'm up early. I can't seem to sleep in anymore. My head is filled with "clay" stuff all day and for that matter all night long! I dream about it, I wake in the morning raring to go....and so here I am...

Yesterday I had a successful glaze firing! My pieces came out better than I dreamed they might! I was more than a little nervous to open my kiln as the day before I mixed up...for the very first time in my life...a pail of the most perfect Cone 6 Transparent glaze. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not exactly a "glazer". Quite frankly, until yesterday, I really detested the job. Previous to yesterday, my beautiful pots turned into ugly ducklings after they'd be pulled from the kiln. I'd find them riddled with pin holes, or speckled with "bald" spots and far too often the glaze would look just hideous on a pot that I really loved pre-glaze. I'm guessing that it's partly because I have more control here at home in my own little studio. Glazing in a dust filled room with other potters sanding, throwing, hand building around you really can't be good for a dust free bisque pot. At home, I'm very careful, to clean up before I glaze and really take the time to keep things clean...even so far as to wear disposable gloves as I'm handling my ware!

It is however, one of the reasons I started to use slips and underglazes...and for that I'm thankful! I wanted colour but couldn't find it in the limited choices at the studio I was taking classes at and so slip and clear underglaze became my primary choice. It works with my sgraffito and my mind is bloggled at the moment with all the possibilities!

So this morning, I'm sharing some of my new pieces with you! I'm loving them! I'd love to hear what you think!

And before I forget...Happy Mother's Day!

PS I really need to invest in a photography light box and one day a 35mm camera if I'm to take good pictures!

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  1. They look just great, Brenda. The kiln gods are smiling.
    Thanks for putting my blog on your list, I had better get and put something on it!


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