Monday, May 14, 2012

Lessons learned...

I hope it's not the hard way!

I'm firing another glaze load today. My back is feeling so much better. I even managed to trim my spireas today and pull weeds. Even after all that bending my back was still feeling pretty good, I decided it was time to throw! I have my first sale on May 26th. I'm sharing a table with the guild and I'd like to have a nice variety of pots for sale. So the clock is ticking and I really need to spend more time in my studio making stuff!

I'm thinking that throwing and watching a kiln at the same time might not be such a good idea, especially when the kiln is upstairs in the porch and my wheel is in the basement. Or perhaps I need to set a timer...once I know approximately when to expect the temp to rise just enough to close the lid (I left it a little long). I did set it for an hour after the lid closing fail, figuring that in one hour or shortly thereafter, I could plug my peep holes. But instead of a temp of 1700F, it was at 1900! Yikes! I hope that won't spoil my one and only teapot, which has been waiting soooo long for a firing and all my mishima mugs! I have my fingers crossed!!!

Okay...peeps are plugged, temp is rising, chicken is marinating (North African Chicken....our newest fav), rice is cooking and my mom is washing the romaine! Gonna sneak in a pot or two before dinner!

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