Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meet Vlad...

Built my vampire today! I'm calling him Vlad...Vlad Amir. He's a friendly enough blood sucker, just looking for a donor or two...oh...(I've spelled donor wrong on his little pocket card)! Obviously Vlad can't spell! I was hoping he'd be thinner..and taller...but more often than not you have to work with what you have. I'm also not sure I like his head shape. I prefer hats on them, at the very least some sort of sticky out hair. Maybe I'll have to give him a rooster tail just for some interest.

He'll look much better once I paint him. Black and white I think...with shocks of red (course!) and once he's grunged up, he'll look fabulous!

Details. I'm a sucker for them! If you look closely you'll see his nose is a wooden stake, his one eye is a bandaid, this belt buckle says Type O Blood and his back pocket is tagged with "Jeans by Vlad"!

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