Friday, May 11, 2012

All fired up...

My pots are now glazed with my very own hand mixed glaze...well, Monica' least that's what I'm calling it...Monica's Cone 6 Transparent Glaze. I decided it was the perfect thickness...not too fat or too skinny (Monica is educating me), but just right and it coated my bowls beautifully! I did have a few runs because I'm a little awkward with dipping and I really don't like the dipping tongs though I suppose they are a required tool. I did try hanging onto the edges with my finger tips (impossible!), but that left big bare spots that weren't as easy to cover as I had hoped and they got all lumpy and required some scraping to smooth them out.

I do realize that, ideally, I should let my glazed pieces sit over night before firing them. But, I'm in a rush (story of my life) and need them by tomorrow morning because several of the pots belong to my niece who spent the weekend with me a few weeks back. She wanted to play with clay, specifically she wanted to make something for her mom for Mother's Day. So, I need to have them finished by tomorrow so that I can drop them off on my way to Monica's Studio sale in Moose Jaw. I hope they all turn out or I'll have one disappointed little girl!

I could show you pictures, if I had any...but as usual, I thought about taking them after I loaded my kiln and that takes me a while because I'm always shuffling stuff around to get the pots to fit. I'm not about to remove them for a few pictures. I'm quite honestly the worst photographer in the world. Ask my daughter. She often reminds me that I didn't take enough pictures of her or her brother growing up. I think I did okay, but admittedly, I'm pretty awful at it now. I always forget to take pictures even when I take my camera with me... kiln is on...I promise I'll have pics in the morning!

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  1. Oooooooooo Brenda I love what you have done with your header. Really works well, make the photo have a good sence of light about it. I can't explain but do you know what I mean !
    Hahaha you have me laughing about the photographs. May-be leave the camera next to the kiln.
    Hmmmm tell us more about the fat and skinny glaze mix.


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