Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh my bags are packed....I'm ready to gooooo

Yes I'm singing. haha Quick post before bed. Everything is priced, Everything is packed. I've made up a stack of business cards and hang tags (One day I'll get them printed). I've got my camera in my bag and...I'm ready!

Thought I'd post a pic of my business card. I made them ages ago, long before the Clayer class. They're simple, but I have to admit that I love playing on photoshop...a little TOO much some times! Anyway, one day I hope to get Moo cards...I love the ones I've seen!

Unlike Peter, Paul and Mary...I do know when I'll be back! Tomorrow evening! I'll post more then!


  1. Forget Moo. Start your own business at making cards this is great. Are you back yet ?

  2. Thanks Helen! I DO love playing on Photoshop, but I have a LOT to learn!


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