Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time is ticking....

So many things to do, so little time! I'm waiting patiently for my kiln to cool so that I can get my bisqued pieces out, glaze them, and then throw them back in for a glaze fire. Then it's on to another bisque load! I'm pushing it, I know. The bowls I put in yesterday were a little damp and I worried about that. I can't imagine the mess a shattered pot can make of a kiln! Of course I'm still worried, because my kiln is still too hot to open. I did start the kiln on slow and even stopped it for an hour or so, hoping all that extra water would evaporate! Unfortunately my "jarheads" are very wet and I'm not sure I'll get those finished in time for the sale. first! I'm so excited, but more than a little nervous. I'm sure I'll sell something and of course I'm hoping I'll sell loads! But, whatever happens, it's a start. Pricing is something I'm struggling with, though I got some very good advice from Monica and I'm recording all the info I think necessary so that I'll know better for next time. I need to take some pictures...good pictures. I need a white background and some good lighting. I've found information on how to make your own light I have time for that! But I really want to record all this information as well as pictures so that I will remember what I've made and what it looks like!

So last night, I set all my pieces out. I'm amazed at how much my work has improved. Bowls that I made months ago, are definitely less refined then the ones I made a week ago. I'm sure there is always room for improvement and it's made me realize that I need to focus on perfecting one form at a time. For now it's bowls...and of course figurative pots.

Who am I kidding!

PS (I must be insane! I have all this stuff to do before the sale and I've got my cupboards pulled apart to dejunk and reorganize!)

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