Friday, June 8, 2012

Bowl me over....

Today I threw bowls. That's right...MORE bowls. I probably throw bowls more than I throw anything else. I have to remind myself that I am still learning, and so I'm pushing myself to work on one form until I can throw that form really well. So, I'm trying desperately to perfect the shape, or at the very least, make them all the same shape. (I have quite a collection of mismatched bowls as you can imagine and if you're a potter, I'm sure you have a cupboard full of the same). A dozen bowls of equal height and diameter...that's my goal. I'm getting better! Not only do these last bowls look quite similar but I didn't spend an entire day throwing them either. Twelve bowls. Two and a half hours (not including the time it takes to wedge). I bet you're thinking that's insane!! It can't possibly take that long to throw twelve measly bowls. But in fact, I think I broke a record today. My own record, but a record non the less. Two and a half hours is my best time yet!

*patting myself on the back*

Oh yes....I should also mention that my latest 'Jarheads' and first 'Potty Mouth', will hit the kiln this morning for their final firing. Each interior had been glazed and the exterior wiped with a black wash so they're looking fabulously distressed (on purpose) and dirty in all the right places!!

In a nutshell that's a little of what I've been doing this week! You can check out what other fabulous clay artists have been doing as well at Mud Colony!


  1. omg!!!!!! love these. the one in the white shirt kills me.

  2. Thanks Carole! I'm kinda fond of him too! He has fangs! I should probably take a picture of those too!

  3. great figures and sounds like you are doing great with your throwing. I love throwing but I would never make a production potter :^)

  4. Oh, it would take me that long at least. :) I am still a beginner, too! They look great.

  5. Hey welcome to Mud Colony Miss Brenda !
    You HAVE been busy !!

  6. Great throwing - beyond a beginner I think.


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