Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is it true that a house stays cooler when it's clean?

I'm up early....with the birds!

Every year, they build on this downspout..which becomes quite a feat as it's slippery and the nesting materials won't stick. I end up with a two foot heap of grass and mud on my deck before they finally finish! Pretty but not very bright birds!

I want to get some things done before it gets too hot. Outside things mostly. I love mornings for the sunshine...the coolness...the chirping birds. But I'm a night owl, so the two conflict. Sadly, my hubby is a morning person and can't understand why I'd want to stay curled up under the covers instead of riding my bike for 4 miles (like he's been doing). I should do it...I know I should...but just give me a few more winks and...'course I fall back to sleep, regretting the fact that I SHOULD have hopped out of bed the minute I woke up!

So here I am up at 6:oo, sipping on my morning coffee and pouring over pottery stuff on the net. How to throw a cylinder. I kid you not. That's what I'm doing. Viewing google images...searching for a fabulous cup shape (not happy with what I did yesterday) and as usual getting distracted and 'off course' when I am suddenly whisked away to a new and wonderful page of some potter I've yet to find (and believe me...I have found a LOT of wonderful potters in here!)

But I won't stay long...I swear I won't! I'm finishing this coffee (which is now coolish because I've forgotten to sip on 'cos I've become so immersed in online pots) and then I'm going to do a little deadheading, wipe the fluff from my patio table (why or WHY did we mistakingly plant those dreadful poplar trees that spew that nasty white fuzz like snowflakes in a blizzard!)and then I'll unload my kiln. Can't wait to see my bowls! Then I'm going to vacuum my house because it's going to be a hot one today and even hotter tomorrow 33C! "A clean house is a cool house". That's what my mom always says. Whether it's true or not, it's so ingrained in my brain that I believe it to be so! So, I'll vacuum, put away a few things and do I quick swipe of the bathrooms. Clean and cool....

That dreaded fuzz....I think it's over for this year!

I had to include a picture of my climbing roses, which until this year haven't done much. I hope they'll grow to the top of my under eave!!

Off I go!
Have a glorious day! 'Til next time...


  1. Hope your roses continue to be as pretty as this pic. I'm going to give you a Sunshine Award tomorrow on my blog!

  2. I hope so too! A sunshine award....I have no idea what it is but it sounds lovely!!!

  3. Oh that's so nice! We are in the middle of winter and it's just rained so hard I heard the rain overshooting the guttering in heavy waves. And I can't fill my kiln until the rain stops cos I have to carry everything outside.
    So I MUST be working on the counter theory that the house is warmer when it's a mess!
    Good luck with finding a nice inspiring mug shape. And then there's handles! So many options.

  4. Oh yes so we dont have to clean in winter and it will keep us warm is that right ? A good layer of dust and mites to go with it. Hmm It is tempting. I think when summer comes I will have your Mummy in my ear too. I love her saying, love it. I can see homes in magazines that I have seen that all look nice and cool and yes they are clean. I am going to be getting up early and cleaning while it is cool. Hahaha she says this now ! Gosh it is cloudy and cold today. Not happy at all and I should be making designs for all the things we will be doing in the Clayer. Lovely inspiring post Brenda. Nice garden, roses and birdie. Every home needs birds isnt that right Helen P !


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