Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Madness

33C! Who are they kidding! I'm sitting here bundled up in a hoodie and blanket and seriously consider crawling back under my nice warm covers! Windy...which isn't so unusual for here...and overcast. They're forecasting rain for this morning...possibly thunderstorms, but still 31C...which if it rains, I'm guessing will make it humid! Arrggh...I really dislike humidity!

Of course none of this matters because I am off to throw this morning in my whatnowmightbewarmerthanoutside basement studio. Cylinders it is! I dragged out 'The Potter's Studio Handbook' by Kristin Muller. Great book btw. It's how I learned to perfect my bowls, which..okay...might not be all that perfect, but I've gotten really good at making them. I can even throw them similar in size and shape. I'm sure there are things that need perfecting and I'd love to have someone critique them sometime, but for now I'm pretty happy with them. I followed her instructions, mucking up my pages as I did...because's not easy following how-to pictures when your hands are sticky with mud and never mind that you have to flip the page! Luckily the pages wiped pretty clean and didn't dry up and stick together. I've used that bowl making section a few times now! So today, I'm going to blank out all that I've learned about making cylinders and try her method...which at first glance looks easy enough.

If you've been looking for a good how-to book on pottery, check this one out. Literally, Kristin covers everything from soup to nuts...or in this case...from setting up a studio and the equipment needed or wanted, to finishing techniques, including how to make your own glazes. Her instructions are pretty straight forward and the pictures being a visual kinda girl is what I really use most) are great! She covers both hand building and throwing and includes some project ideas at the back, which is what I used to make my teapot!

I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Brenda I got a total visual of you with mucky hands trying to turn pages. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    You've sold me on the book!


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