Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Patty cake, patty cake....

Bake a man!...or at the very least a vampire and clown...perhaps, Salt Lick Lizzie is a cross dresser...in that case...bake her up too! I should have fired them last night, when the house was cooler, but they felt a little cold when pressed to my cheek. Ever since my blow up, I worry about damaging another piece, so instead, I choose to leave them sitting in the kiln...lid open...in my hot porch...on this very hot day. Now that porch is sweltering....and of course it will get very hot once I turn my kiln on....so I'll wait until a little later!

So, I've been away. Miss me? We went to visit family. Long drive there...always, always....a longer drive home (or so it seems). For most of the trip I was a passenger, which was nice. When I was able to keep my eyes open (I don't know what it is about me riding in a car...I just cannot stay awake!), I was busy jotting down ideas, scratching not so reasonable facsimiles of what I was picturing in my head into my sketch book. I'm dying to get to my studio. Today, however, was a bust. Dentist and doctor appointments, groceries, bedding plants....but now....I'm set! I might even throw a few pieces tonight!

I did manage to stop at a big pottery store on my drive back. I picked up more clay and more of that Chrysanthos underglaze that I've been so happy with. I also bought that Kemper tool that Diana recommended for the mishima. I hope to try that soon!

I also had a nice surprise when I got home. Carole Epp, included me in her Monday morning eye candy post! I was thrilled...no...thrilled isn't even close to what I was feeling. Anyway pretty exciting stuff and if I was inspired before, I'm ridiculously pumped now!

Lizzie with a little colour!

My tongue spoon! We'll see how functional it is!

Groceries to unpack, and dinner to make. More tomorrow!


  1. Yay, love seeing down into the depths of the kiln. What is the clay like that you use, Brenda? It looks nice and smooth.

  2. It's a local clay, a low fire, red burning terra cotta. Little bit groggy (I think that's the term), but not bad!

  3. Yes I missed you Brenda! I've been checking off and on during my own marathon and was quite pleased when I saw your post this morning.

    I am so excited for you and so looking forward to seeing those new ideas come to life!


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