Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Size does matter....

and you always have to expect shrinkage...

Yes I know. Yesterday I told you about all the work I need to complete this week. But, it's so difficult because I'm really in the mood to play with clay! I'm thinking now, the housework can wait...at the very least until the end of the week. That way everything will be spit and polished for my company and for the BBQ. I did plant the last of my bedding plants this morning, as well, I washed the deck, dragged around some patio furniture and sprayed the clay off my mountain of towels, aprons and whatever else I've managed to dirty! Red clay is sooooo messy!

Yesterday wasn't my best clay day. I draw pictures of what I want to do and then plot out how much clay I'll need for the various body parts (I'm talking about the Jarheads and Potty Mouths...yesterdays projects) and then I do a quick sketch of an approximate shape. My third wedged hunk of clay, I take my throwing a little too far and manage to mash my 5 lb. cylinder into a warbled mess! I wish I could say that's the only one I managed to spoil, but it's not. I had several others, and then of course that threw me entirely off and I was making heads from balls meant for hats and hats meant for body balls! In the end I know I'll be okay. I will MAKE things fit! My bridged clay dried long enough that I was able to re-wedge it and then throw an even better cylinder than the first time around! I'm still working on size and poundage and how much things will shrink. I thought that my clown was SO huge, but in the end he's not much bigger than my pirate. A small cookie jar at the very least. This time I've gone bigger still...or so I think. I suppose we'll see once it's completed because I'll never cease to be amazed at the size of a finished piece!

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  1. I always have a hard time judging what size a completed piece will be especially with the thickness which often seems to affect the overall look of the piece.


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