Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things get a little buggy sometimes....

It's 1:00 and ridiculously hot in here, but hotter and terribly humid outside. I think there are weather watches out tonight or maybe they're weather warnings. I was in the basement all evening and so didn't pay much attention. I came upstairs to find my house filled with little annoying bugs! No idea what they are, but they're itty bitty...small enough to get through the screen. All of the windows are open to cool down the house (I think it's still 25C outside, which isn't really cooling things at all!) Outside the screen is covered in fish flies. Thank goodness they're too big to squeeze through the mesh. It must be the heat....or the humidity. I've turned off all the lights, because they're attracted to them and now they're flying around me. My computer screen is the only light and they're bouncing off my skin and flying up my nose!

I'm also firing a glaze load in my kiln, in my VERY warm porch! That is NOT helping the house cool down, but I had to do it...and better tonight than today (meaning yesterday..Monday), because in the end it was a cooker. Hotter tomorrow. Thank goodness for my basement studio, although I find that after throwing for a while with my hands in cold water (I do start off with warm water), I start to get chilled and so I sat out on my front deck...and soaked up some of that heat. Drank a tea. Ate my lunch.

I managed to trim my cups and underglaze a few. Also, threw a small plate really the first time I've thrown one properly), and a saucer. Threw two cylinders...2 and 3 pounds. I think I'm getting the hang of it, but for some reason I always get a thin spot about 2/3 the way up. I must shift the pressure a little on my inside hand. I'll have to be more attentive to that. I was going to mash them but I struggle with that sometimes. Instead I modified them both into funky oval vases. Not in love with them, but I think they have potential. Sometimes...a lot of times in fact, I like to just start throwing with nothing in mind...sort of see where the clay will take me...Is it the same for you?

These bugs are driving me mad! Shutting down this bug magnet! See you in the morning!


  1. I can't not hve a plan anymore, too chaotic and open ended.
    I have a structure in my head when I throw, and a plan or vision of the outcome.
    I centre and form the pad the width i need for the base, establish the inside shape, pull up the walls focussing on the evenness, flaring inwards for control again and again, three times. Consolidate my rim to avoid it getting raggy. Finesse shape with kidney or wooden tool, finesse outside surface with a metal kidney. Trim base, cut thru. Leave aside to firm. Seems to be working. My main cock up is misjudging the thickness of the base cos I hate turning a foot, so I try to get it as right as I can at each stage.

  2. I like your throwing method Elaine. In fact, it's given me some direction. Flaring inwards is always something I need to remind myself to do, as I tend to get a V shape more often than not. I know it can be done, just need to work on that. Instead of throwing a foot, do you just trim the edge then and leave it flat? I do that for my Jarheads and now I'm doing it for some of my cups. I actually prefer the look and as for the cups, no water sitting in them when I open my dishwasher! Thanks for sharing your technique!


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