Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two down....

Here's a pic of my latest. I have another completed but I can't show you 'cos it's going to be a gift! Two down, two more to go! Hopefully tomorrow! Oh yes! and he'll be needing his tongue!

The ORIGINAL Jarhead...actually Potty Mouth,( Had to do it!) Looking at the picture I think his ears are a little low? FYI, the nose is NOT a lipstick, nor is it something of a sexual nature (get your mind out of the gutter!). It's a bullet or my version of a bullet anyway!

Thought this was a good way to mark the name. Once I wash it with the u/g it'll stand out nicely!


  1. Love the speech bubble name, Brenda - perfect!
    Ears generally line up with brows and nostrils but I reckon you can do anything you like. Love what you have done to them even if, sigh, I don't have the words. (are they called sights??)

  2. Thanks Helen! I made them as targets and I'll paint them as that...but maybe people call them sights!


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