Friday, June 22, 2012

What I've been doing....

I don't know where the time goes. I am not feeling very productive this week, though I will admit that I haven't spent a lot of time in my studio because of my company. They've since left, so things should get back to normal. Even so, I have been reading blogs of fellow potters over at Mud Colony and I'm amazed at the number of pieces some of you throw in a week (some in as little as a day!). I can't wait for the day that I can throw like that! By the way....check out Mud Colony to see what the others have been doing this week!

I did however, finish my figurative pieces (all but one, but I think it's just too dry)...which have taken forever. Now they're all wrapped up, drying slowly. I will not rush the drying process! (Repeat every 10 minutes).

I have big plans for the weekend. Pottery plans. My sister has invited my mom to visit with her this weekend and that frees me up. No excuses....I WILL get a bunch of stuff done! For those of you that don't know, my mom is living with me as she's now been diagnosed with Alzheimers. She's pretty good on the whole...mostly it's short term memory loss and every day is ground hog day around here (same questions over and over again). For those of you familiar with this, you'll know how important it is to have some time to yourself. For some reason my mom doesn't like me downstairs in my studio working on my pottery. She's always calling me and asking me if I'm done yet. I can't seem to get her to understand that I won't ever be done!

Posting pics of my painted peeps....Can't wait to see them fired and stained! You'll have to wait for the! (I don't know who'll have more trouble waiting... me or you.....I AM the girl that will unwrap presents to take a peek!)


  1. So cool! I love them, and the little girls hair is great!
    Love the dimple in the soldier's chin.

  2. So it isn't just the need to create driving you but the need for some 'me' time too. Tough balancing act. Well done for even managing to get into yr studio let alone finish anything, and then u make time to share and blog. I take my hat off to u. I am a little jealous tho that you still have your Mum tho not as you'd like her. Potters are patient people, with work and with people.

  3. I find there is something very healing and nourishing about working with clay.
    I looked after my mum and my dad through their old age (they have gone now) but I also have a grown son with disabilities.
    It is very demanding on the soul to care for people with dependencies but it is also enriching for us as a human beings.
    I find I have so much more understanding of the frailties of life thanks to them.
    When I get the opportunity to put my hands in my clay I feel rejuvenated and the strains of life seem easier to deal with.
    Keep up the good work.
    I love seeing what you have been doing each week :)


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