Friday, July 6, 2012

The Dreaded Handle....

Here I am. Almost 1 am. and I'm still awake. A dear and new potter friend just asked me via fb if throwing in the evening keeps me awake. Well, I am WIDE awake after throwing...or truthfully, I think it's the clean up that wakes me up. I know that I wouldn't sleep if I crawled into bed right now. I'd be thinking here I am instead...looking at them! They say that you should limit your computer time prior to sleeping, but I think it helps me to wind down.

So today I threw some latte bowls. I know what you're thinking...because I'm thinking it too...more bowls. But I throw a pretty good bowl! I'm probably best at them and I'm tired of making cylinders. Not that I made many in my Imgoingtopracticemakingcylinders week. I have 10 tumblers waiting to glaze and those two flower vases, that I threw as cylinders and then altered them into a wavy kind of oval. You'll see. I'll take pictures. Anyway, back to my latte bowls. I can't decide if I should give them handles or not. I love to cup my cups (that does NOT sound good!)....but you know what I mean. Even when I'm holding a mug with a handle, I often slip my forefinger and middle finger into the handle and cup it with the palm of my hand. I'd prefer not to give them handles of course, because I struggle with them. I think it's because I'm so hell bent on smoothing the attached bits it's all perfectly blended and you can't see where the handle ends and the cup begins. Even now, when I'm fully aware that the glaze sort of does that for me, I'm still smooshing and smoothing. I could use a lesson in handles. It's not something that I really learned in any of the classes I took. I think we had a quick demo. I did make one mug in one of my classes. I thought it was perfect. Now it just looks thick and chunky...though the handle is pretty nice...but it's not mine. It's the demo handle that our instructor pulled for us...I stole it when no one else asked to used it! Clever me. Or maybe not. I can pull them though...without breaking off those knobbly end fact, I don't even get those anymore! Maybe I will attach handles to those newly thrown latte bowls. I could use the practice!

I'm off to bed. I'm constructing tomorrow. I made the mistake of volunteering to help my hubby install the spindles in a railing he's installing on a cottage at the beach. He tells me there are a LOT of them. So I'll carry them to him so he's not running back and forth and hopefully that'll speed things up. It's going to be hot..29C. Thank goodness we'll be at the lake...waterfront property, deck overlooking the water.

I'd better look for my sunscreen....



  1. Well, good luck with the handles, I guess its a case of practice makes perfect. I like how your bowls turned out! Especially love the glossy cant elope colored insides! Do you mix that yourself? Wow,

  2. Thanks Michelle! The orange is an underglaze. I used underglazes and then a clar glaze.


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