Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finally Focused....

That's how I'm feeling lately...focused. It started with the spoons I made after watching Diana's video on Creativebug, which led to a few scoops (Linda Fahey if you're reading this, I was inspired by your beautiful scoops, though mine are quite different!) I'm hoping to work on a few self footed platters today. I'm feeling mishima-ish...and finding that doing little bits of it isn't nearly as daunting or time consuming, especially if I combine it with paper resist. I've also settled on a few colours for this series of work, which clears my mind more than you can know!

Through all of this, I've come to realize that I think my preference in clay is handbuilding or a combination of throwing and altering my thrown pieces. I'm not sure I'm cut out for functional work, though the reason for that might just be that I haven't quite decided on what I love to do best. I'm guessing as well, that it's because I still have so much to learn and feel a little lost when my head says "make (insert something more complicated than I am capable of here)" and my hands say "what!!!!"

So here are some pictures of my spoons and scoops ready for bisque firing (red) and some more that I have decorated today (turquoise). These still need a little cleaning up and I've only finished the mishima on one. Should get them finished tomorrow.

These aren't quite finished yet...some are still too wet for mishima. I'm putting birds nests on this series. Can you see the one on the narrow pointy spoon?....neither can I! I found a picture of an antique milk skimmer and it inspired me to make the small colander...though I can see I need some help with aligning holes! I think it could be useful. I LOVE these...favourite colour and nests...'cos I love birds, nests, eggs....I want this set for my own house! Tomorrow I'll work on the scoops.

My first go at it...and the beginning of my new addiction! :) Love the red. I decided on insects for this bunch. Hopefully I can get these in the kiln in the next day or two, but I want to make sure they're absolutely dry!

I'm going to hop over to Mud Colony to check out what others have been up to in their studio this week! You should do the same!


  1. Interesting....seems spoons are in the air...there are tons on Pinterest floating around, ceramic, wood, metal.
    like your handles !

  2. I think you need to listen to that head and hands of yours, because the results are all fabulous! :)

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  4. Love the red series scoops ! But I can't resist RED ! Think I would need to wear a polka dot dress whilst using them ! Totally adorable ! I was ALL handbuildong 30 yrs ago hated throwing -not anymore ! Just do what you love !!

  5. Those are totally adoreable. I've made a couple of spoons recently and will probably make more. Problem I'm having is how do I glaze fire them.
    What are you planning?


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