Friday, July 6, 2012

For Your Viewing Pleasure... remember I made those Jarheads? Two Jarheads and a Potty Mouth to be exact. But I couldn't post the picture of the one Jarhead because it was a birthday gift for my daughter? Well, I can now. It's been delivered by my sister and she's opened the box...and she LOVES it!

A little background on it before I post. It's a Miner...Coal Miner to be exact...see his 'coal' nose? She's a mechanical engineer in the processing plant at a coal mine. Her sweetie pie is a heavy duty mechanic. So...this little guy is wearing the coveralls that her b/f wears. Seems I got it exactly right! When I finished him I thought he was a little boring....which is why I added a little more colour on the one 'eye', but once finished I was pretty happy with him...that underglaze wash gives them so much depth! My very favourite thing about him is his hard hat. I was soooo happy with the way it turned out. When I first made it...before I attached it to the head, I thought about making small hard hat bowls! The best thing is....he's the perfect size for a cookie jar!

Here he is!

If you knew/know her b/f, you'll understand the big smile!
Thought I'd show you my finished 'Jarhead' Potty Mouth..though my sister thought he was some African tribesman!
I posted this pic on fb...but here it is for those of you that can't view it there.

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  1. These look great-- and so do the mugs in the background! I think that people do use the spooze as a way of filling cracks. Hope you're having a great weekend, m

  2. Brenda, they look great! They are so cute! You are so creative!!! :)


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