Monday, July 9, 2012

Just a Prairie Girl...

This is going to be quick! I need to get to bed. I don't know what's wrong with me lately but I don't seem to need much sleep. Last night I had just over 3 hours, with the intention of napping after I'd be up for a few hours, but then I heard my clay calling, and my flowers, and it was such a nice day... I'm been avoiding wheat in my diet. Absolutely no wheat. Limited grains of any sort, in fact, and I have to give credit for my increased energy to that. I'm reading the wheat belly's not that I have so much of a wheat belly, but a friend lent it to me telling me she felt amazing once she started it. I think I'm one of those people that doesn't tolerate gluten well. I don't have celiac. I don't get a tummy ache or anything like that...I just get sleepy...or at least I'm blaming it on the wheat. Anyway, I'm up early again tomorrow. More deck railing...which my hubby tells me should only take about 4 or 5 hours! He failed to mention that tomorrow is going to be hot...HOTTER...32C or something we'll get an early start and hopefully, I can have all the spindles installed while I'm still in the shade! I think we're going to haul the canoe to the lake and once we're finished we'll do a little canoeing. Should be nice!

What I did want to post is my latest clay creation. It's a pod. A wheat seed or berry to be exact. A while back I found the pods of Alice Ballard. They're amazing. I love that they resemble the shape of a heart and I especially love the textures. What I wouldn't give to have a wall display of them! So that got me thinking...that I should do something...umm...prairie-ish. Not typical prairie, because believe me...grain elevators have been done to death and of course there's the prairie lily, overdone as well. So in the back of my head I've pictured a kernel of a wall pod...which is fitting because we were grain farmers (semi-retired now) and I know wheat. Anyway....this is a sort of prototype. I have other ideas. Decals...maybe farm implements or icons of a prairie home. Not sure yet, but, I am gathering photos.

This is what I've come up with. Oh...and yesterday we had friends over and I hauled my lovely wheat pod up to show them (it wasn't decorated yet) and my husband said he's not seeing a wheat kernel in it (it was the brown clay) and one friend said it looked like a football...squashed! I sort of saw it as a vagina...LOL! Anyway. I'm kind of happy with how it turned out! Much less vagina and football, more wheat kernel I think. Tell me what you think and in case you can't see it, it represents the patchwork quilt of the Canadian prairies...with the fields of colour...some summerfallow, sloughs (ponds..I heard recently that Saskatchewan is the only province that calls them sloughs), the trees....which are lining that centre a valley.... I can see it....

I apologize for the bad picture. The lighting in here in the evenings is horrid!


  1. That's lovely. Glad to know what a slough is, now do you say it to rhyme with dew?

  2. Thanks Laurie, and Barb! Yes slough....rhymes with dew! hahahaha

  3. great pod, aerial views of farmland are so beautiful to me. no wheat for me I do have celiac and I don't seem to need much sleep either. So many seem to be allergic to wheat nowadays I wonder if it has been genetically modified?

  4. Hi Brenda, that is a lovely piece! I really like it....very cool.

  5. That's lovely, definitely seeing a wheat pod. Lovely idea to do an aerial view as the pattern.


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