Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's a Mad, Mad Week!

Lots of nice compliments on my spoons!! I have my fingers crossed that they'll turn out well! I have a workshop this weekend that I am soooooo looking forward to. Monica tells me that we'll be discussing the idea of glazing only the spoon or the entire thing. I'm told that for cleanliness reasons, glazing the entire spoon is the best option, though I'm not really sure how functional they will be. I LOVE the idea of using them to spoon a big pasta or rice salad with, but, at the same time I worry about that ceramic spoon banging against a glass bowl. My sister has this beautiful rice jar..amber glass (HUGE...they eat a lot of rice) and it sits on display on her countertop. I was thinking how nice a big red scoop would be in that jar, but of course the same worry applies here. I guess we'll see once they're fired. They'll shrink a little more and once someone buys one, I suppose it's for them to decide what to do with it. My other sister tells me she'd love one to serve olives in. I'm not sure if she's talking about the scoop or the spoon...either way, my head is a whir of new ideas (yet again!)

Here's a picture of my latest Potty Mouth. He's quite big! Almost life sized! hehehe Guess you could say he's my attempt at a bust. I've had a sketch of him in my notebook for ages. Pretty happy with him and can't wait to paint him! I'm thinking he's going to have to be red/white and blue!

Okay... so these are the vases that I threw the other day...flawlessly...or at the very least...a pain free throwing session! I had this brainwave to turn 4 of them the same size and make little "pots" that fit into the opening...for the vase could become a combo tea-light holder/vase. Sadly only one of the tea-light pots fits properly and even now I can see that it's almost too small to hold one...and will be smaller yet once dry and fired. So...lesson learned...but still a great idea I think!

I've been thinking about these vases for a while and was all set to turn them into whimsical jungle elephant and monkey...maybe a zebra....I even thought I might do a flamingo. Then I wondered if these animals would really be something people would on the I thought...maybe...being a farm/prairie girl, I should do cows and horses....that sort of thing. I even drew up sketches and while they were cute, they just weren't doing it for me. So instead I decided to do birds...because I do love birds...on anything and these would/will be fun and funky and I think that birds will be the better sell.

Without further bird vases. Two of them. I have many more to "dress up". Sorry for the poor photo. I will incise the stripes and add some other lines and as usual, I'll wash each with a black underglaze to distress them Oh...and before I forget. My turquoise scoops.

Crazy busy at the moment trying to get ready for this sale. My pots are not drying as quickly as I'd like and attaching little bits to them certainly isn't speeding up that process either! I can see that kiln of mine will be working overtime to fire up all these pieces in! I have to finalize my display and paint some tiers....and find a suitable cloth for my table...something natural and linen-y I think....and where is that husband of mine with my lovely little primative stools he's supposed to be making for me!

Hopefully your week has been less hectic! Find out what other fabulous potters have been doing over at Mud Colony!


  1. Busy Brenda, gosh, fabulous! Is the big scoop on the right mishima-d? I can't quite tell but I think it is. I really love the handles!

    The birds are a great idea, really like their wings!

  2. All your work looks great...very original and well finished. Love those scoops, but the birds also!

  3. Thanks Barb!! I appreciate your input! Helen, the big scoop is mishima-d. I did bird's nests on the turquoise scoops and spoons. I'm going to have a hard time parting with these. Turquoise is my favourite colour and anything birdy too! I keep picturing these hanging in a grouping in my house!

  4. The scoops and spoons are wonderful, your lines are so crisp, wondering how you achieve that crispness.

  5. Thank you Linda! Paper resist and I clean up anything that seeps under the paper once dry! Works so well!


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