Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I've been doing....

I managed to get a few pieces done this week. A few bowls which were meant to be latte cups. I got this brain wave after watching Erin Furmisky's cd and trying her method of using wax over my underglaze. I carved out lines and then brushed the black u/g over those so that the black fills in the lines. Slick really! Neat and tidy and keeps the piece clean...but I forgot that I wanted to add handles and of course now there was this coating of wax... So, 6 handle-less latte bowls and 3 with handles. I pulled my handles. I tried a different method but I'm actually pretty good at pulling and I have to say that these really did turn out quite well...though they might be a little big. I guess we'll see once they're fired. I didn't so much in the way of surface decoration on these. I'm thinking they'll be perfect to try my decals on!

I need to work harder at this...especially now that I've been accepted to show and sell at our biggest art market! Woooo!! I'm pretty excited as you can guess as well as a little worried about having enough work finished...but...I'm sharing an Emerging Artist table so I won't need quite as much as I would need if I had my own table (that's the goal for next year!)

I also decorated a bowl. A simple bowl, but a lower profile than I would normally do. I think it will be nice for serving pasta or an equally saucy dish over rice or couscous. I LOVE silk screened prints and lithographs. So, I'm trying something new, inspired by some of my favourite prints. I've incised lines around the u/g paintings and once bisqued, I'll wash over it with my black. This one will be dirty. I considered trying the wax idea but I worry that burning off all that wax might not be good for my kiln or more so for me? You can see the pic at the top of the page.

The last thing I made were some spoons. I registered with Creativebug and watched Diana Fayt's video on spoons. Mine looked more like ladles until I viewed the video again and saw that my sides were too tall. So I shaved them down and after a lot of smoothing, they look pretty nice! Now what to do with them!

So that's my week...claywise. It's been hot...unbearably so and pouring rain at times. I did pick a basket of new baby potatoes and baby beets for dinner tonight. Yum!! Nothing better!

Visit Mud Colony to see what other potters have been up to this week! Adriana Christensen Love her and her work! has also created a MC group in FB! Check that out too!


  1. Your spoons look great; I'll have to check out creativebug, I've made a few spoons but they are a bit primitive and am still wondering how to glaze them, on stilts maybe?

  2. Oh, I need to find out how to make spoons! Those are great. And I love all the talk about finishing details. Thanks!

  3. What a good idea with the wax! I'm not sure how that much wax affects your kiln. I know some people do a lot of resist effects with shellac -- but I don't know what that does to the kiln either. Do you read Jim Gottuso's blog? He does lots of resist stuff -- maybe he would know.

  4. Any, the wax and shellac will not affect the kiln that much, it does shorten the lift a little, but if you're using a skutt, not much quicker than the elements basic lifespan; eventually the elements will have to be replaced. More importantly, however, is proper ventilation. The wax is also a water based medium where the shellac is not. Julia Galloway uses shellac - she may have some information for you wax vs. shellac.


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