Monday, July 16, 2012

Working Backwards

Woohoo!! Yippee Ki Yay and all that! I made what I think is an almost perfect cylinder! Okay...maybe the shape isn't so perfect. I think that the flared lip is a little too big or I should say wide. It should probably reflect the widest part of the vase. But I threw this without the usual flaring out at the top! (That dreaded V shaped cylinder!) I threw it skinny....and quite tall (though I would have liked taller). I threw it to the shape I wanted it and then used a metal rib to clean up all of the slip. Then I threw it dry...pulled it a little higher using my metal rib on the outside and my throwing stick on the inside...worked like a charm! I'm a stickler for cleaning all the slip off my pieces when I'm finished throwing. Thank you Dee! (one of my instructors) I'm also a huge fan of the metal rib!

I'm going to try throwing another tonight. I'll use a little more clay and try to get this one taller. I might make a series of them and I think I'm going to decorate them with mishima, because I think this style seems less whimsical than my usual stuff. Speaking of was all I could do NOT to tip this piece and turn it into something Seussical! Thank goodness I didn't spoil my very best cylinder! :)

I need to back track...this is now tomorrow and I worked late, throwing another and another and another and even one more! Some wacky shapes, but I just wanted to play a little. It's interesting to see them together though. I can see how you can get all caught up in trying to make a shape or face from two side by side. Like Greg Pace, though I don't think it can be as simple as throwing some off hand shape and moving pieces around until you see something recognizable. (Trust me I KNOW because of course I shuffled mine a little in hopes of seeing something!)

I'm still thinking mishima, though I'm wondering how that'll work on the bumps and curves. Hmmmmm.... I wish I had a matte glaze. I picture them matte.

So, I've finally figured out the basic shape of throwing. Took me long me to do things backwards....

FYI, I read magazines back to front...THAT should explain a lot!

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