Monday, August 13, 2012

For the Love of Red Clay....

Remind me never to take such a long break from potting again. Two weeks away and I struggled to throw a pot!...make that 3 pots...all squashed! I think it was partly because I was using reclaimed clay and hadn't wedged it well enough....and to be honest, I'm a little lazy when I'm reclaiming, because from what I understand, I should be letting the clay dry and then smashing it into little bits....not dropping entire pots into my watery clay and then squeezing periodically with my hands. This time around, the clay sat on my cement board too long and the edges dried up...but I did pick through those.....obviously not well enough!


I peeled back a new bag of clay (I LOVE the smell when I first open clay...mmmmmm) and started fresh. I've been making Jarheads and one Potty Mouth, in hopes that I can get the red clay out of the way and start on my orders. I really do spend a lot of time on these...I'm not even going to tell you how long, but I love doing them....REALLY love the fussing over them and adding the little bits!

So, here is my bird jar that I've been dying to make for ages. He's totally modified because my original sketch was a duck and this is....well, I like to think of him as a Robin. Bert the Robin...that' him. He really does look better in person and once he's all dirtied up I think he'll be great! No teeth in Bert...but tonight I'm going to look for a little Robin poem to maybe stamp around the inside flange. I think there might be one in an A.A. Milne books?

Here's my salt pig (aka Potty Mouth). He needs some colour but I really like him!

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  1. Your bird is so disturbing - a fried egg for an eye! Look forward to seeing it finished with some closeups of the details!


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