Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Poor Neglected Blog...

I'm blaming it on the hayfever or the hayfever symptoms, 'cos I haven't been officially diagnosed. It seems that I've developed some allergies because this time last year I suffered from the same annoying symptoms....itching, red, dry, scratchy (literally I could rub them out of my head) eyes, sneezing...constantly, sinus headache, runny nose..though sometimes it's just stuffy. Fun stuff! Thank goodness last year at this time when my eyes were redder than red and somewhat swollen, I visited with my eye doc and he gave me some prescription drops which do seem to help a little. I need to apply some nice warm compresses to them at times, I think. I'm also taking Reactine daily (an antihistamine) which is or isn't helping. I can't tell to be honest. Maybe it would all be much worse if I wasn't on it, but still I'm waking with a doozie of headache and really just feeling very sluggish! I'm zonked by mid afternoon and taking naps! Not sure if that's all a part of this or maybe the drugs? Either way, I haven't been accomplishing much in the way of clay even though I'm itching to get down there. Hopefully today.


  1. I hear you -- my allergies have kicked in, too (especially today). Ugh. This winter I'm going to start immunotherapy shots, because this is just getting ridiculous! I hope the meds help. I find that they knock me out the first week or two that I start taking them, but then the drowsiness lessens.

  2. I know nothing about the shots Amy, but if they work...woohoo!!! This morning is the first morning that I woke up without a headache and I feel energetic! Hopefully the drugs and eye drops are kicking in!


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