Monday, October 29, 2012

I Feel Good....

Getting excited now! Really excited. I'm not so worried now about having enough, because i have stacked a few of my bowls on my little stools and they look so nice and if I keep potting, I'm going to be just fine! Deciding to do sets or themes of colours has really made it easier for me, it's somehow calmed my somewhat obsessive, perfectionist head. I do realize there is a lot of blue and green. In fact, blue, green, black and red (decorating some small bowls today in red..stripes of polka dots...can't quite decide but they will look really nice with the turquoise blue bird bowls and their tiny red berries. I found that at my last sale, the blue was the most popular. I can see now why established potters pick a new colour scheme seasonally. I think it'll keep me from getting bored!

This bowl is an accident. Happy one at that. It's that big bowl that I threw and yes, bragged about...'biggest bowl ever!' *sigh* I noticed a crack at the lip as I was getting ready to decorate it and tried to patch it, but that didn't work (I've since learned that paper clay on bisque is a terrific patch!..see below.) Anyway, Monica suggested that I could just cut that crack out, alter it a bit and so I did...more than a bit, because I started just carving a small curve beneath that crack and then couldn't stop but truthfully, I love the way it turned out and I love the handles. It has a retro feel to me. I think I'll be doing more of them, though this time it'll be because I chose to, not because I must!

Today I have this last bunch of jarheads in my kiln. Fingers and toes are crossed that they're dry enough because I have really pushed these last two. I NEED to have the one done by Friday, and so it's spent some time in the oven, drying on very low and this morning I will shut my kiln off for an hour or so once it reaches 100 degrees just to be sure.

Firing is going to be a challenge this week. I have 3 large bowls that I would really love to get fired before my sale on the weekend, but if not, they'll be there for the next one! I can definitely see a bigger kiln in my future!

On another note, I attended a paper clay workshop yesterday with Teresa Gagne from S'toon. Teresa and I recently became fb friends and so getting to meet her in person was exciting and let me just say that she is a lovely person! I really enjoyed the workshop. Paper clay is quite fascinating! I will definitely be trying it with my sculptural work!! I really love 'hanging' with other potters...I can definitely see now why networking is so important!

Times up! As you can imagine, I'm on a schedule these days though it changes constantly! This weekend I will be in Lumsden at the Snowflake sale. Hope to see you there!

Apologies for the bad photos. That is on my list of things to do yet this week before the sale. Also for the messy kitchen table! (We have to push things back to eat! hahahah)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

So little time...

I'm so busy these days I barely have time to breath, let alone post here, or for that matter chat with some of my favourite potter friends. One week to go before my first Christmas sale and so many things to do! This isn't a big sale, but it's local, and I'm looking forward to it...sort of a precursor to the BIG one, two weeks after that!

My hubby has made me some little stools that I plan to use as risers. I picked up some little tester pots of paint for them and hopefully today I can work on those! I'll squeeze that in between trimming, decorating, and hopefully more throwing. I'm really happy with my progress. I'm feeling much more organized and though my kiln is a little small for all that I need to fire, it's working non stop to keep up. I'm pushing the drying process just a little, using my oven to suck out any moisture so that I can bisque fire with no fear of an explosion (at least that's what I've always thought would happen).

I'm really happy with my new the colours and the silk screens worked so well. I can see I'll be making more of those!

It's all the other things in life that are really getting in my way. Like eating...who has time! and cooking? forget it! Today I'm going to convince my husband to cook up a big pot of lentil soup, that should last for days...not that I have time to eat it and when I do, I pretty much snort it so that I can 'get back to work'. My house..egads....well, that's another story and honestly if some unexpected company knocked at my door, I'd surely die! My pottery studio is a disaster, and I can't remember the last time I've mopped the floor, though I did sweep (yes I know, NOT a good idea with clay) the other day only because it was getting crunchy under my feet! I have to do our GST and get that in to the govn't before the end of the month as well, and then there is the pricing (hate that job), and packing and all those last minute things I need to do for the sale. Yeeshh!

Alrighty...I've now worked myself into a tizzy..., hiho know the rest!

Check out all the other harried potters on Mud Colony! It's so good to know I'm in good company!

Friday, October 12, 2012


That's what I should be doing...focusing on my work for Wintergreen, but my Laguna Frost Porcelain clay was calling me...begging me to pleaseeeee play with me! Honestly I don't know why on earth I decided yesterday was the day to try throwing a porcelain clay for the first time, but I did. I've only used it once before and that was making those little pendants. Well, I held one of those fired pendants up to the light and 'lo and behold, that clay is sooooo lovely and translucent...and even all the horror stories I've read about working with Frost didn't scare me off!

So I threw two bowls...both of them, lovely and round... and then I decided just a plain old porcelain pot wasn't enough, I'd like to carve it in hopes that the light would shine through. The first one now sits in my small scrap pile...'cos I was over ambitious and tried to carve and alter the pot like Jennifer McCurdy (what was I thinking!) and well, she makes it look soooo easy...and it's not...or maybe I was too impatient and started cutting when it was too wet and sticky (strange texture that porcelain). Anyway, I decided I'd do something I was a little more familiar with on the second one and I have to admit, that I LOVE the way it turned out! Now, it's only greenware...we'll see what happens after the bisque firing, but even so.....I can't wait to work with it again, but for now I need to concentrate on building my stock list for this big sale!

So here's a picture....keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't warp...crack......

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