Friday, October 12, 2012


That's what I should be doing...focusing on my work for Wintergreen, but my Laguna Frost Porcelain clay was calling me...begging me to pleaseeeee play with me! Honestly I don't know why on earth I decided yesterday was the day to try throwing a porcelain clay for the first time, but I did. I've only used it once before and that was making those little pendants. Well, I held one of those fired pendants up to the light and 'lo and behold, that clay is sooooo lovely and translucent...and even all the horror stories I've read about working with Frost didn't scare me off!

So I threw two bowls...both of them, lovely and round... and then I decided just a plain old porcelain pot wasn't enough, I'd like to carve it in hopes that the light would shine through. The first one now sits in my small scrap pile...'cos I was over ambitious and tried to carve and alter the pot like Jennifer McCurdy (what was I thinking!) and well, she makes it look soooo easy...and it's not...or maybe I was too impatient and started cutting when it was too wet and sticky (strange texture that porcelain). Anyway, I decided I'd do something I was a little more familiar with on the second one and I have to admit, that I LOVE the way it turned out! Now, it's only greenware...we'll see what happens after the bisque firing, but even so.....I can't wait to work with it again, but for now I need to concentrate on building my stock list for this big sale!

So here's a picture....keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't warp...crack......

That's what I've been doing! You can check out what other Mud Colony potters have been up to on the MC blog!


  1. Oh Brenda it is gorgeous!! Well done, and my fingers and toes are crossed for your bisque firing! I can not wait to see it finished! :)
    Cheers Annie

  2. It looks great, I love the carved texture. Hoping it makes it through! Yes, I am up in Saskatoon, and thank you for visiting Periwinkle, that's my "other life", it would be great to meet up with you sometime, m

  3. Really beautiful Brenda. I want to hold it! I am sure it will get through the firing process just fine :) Happy thoughts...

  4. Oh Brenda, it is beautiful! Although I wouldn't expect anything else from you! Love your work!!!


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