Monday, October 29, 2012

I Feel Good....

Getting excited now! Really excited. I'm not so worried now about having enough, because i have stacked a few of my bowls on my little stools and they look so nice and if I keep potting, I'm going to be just fine! Deciding to do sets or themes of colours has really made it easier for me, it's somehow calmed my somewhat obsessive, perfectionist head. I do realize there is a lot of blue and green. In fact, blue, green, black and red (decorating some small bowls today in red..stripes of polka dots...can't quite decide but they will look really nice with the turquoise blue bird bowls and their tiny red berries. I found that at my last sale, the blue was the most popular. I can see now why established potters pick a new colour scheme seasonally. I think it'll keep me from getting bored!

This bowl is an accident. Happy one at that. It's that big bowl that I threw and yes, bragged about...'biggest bowl ever!' *sigh* I noticed a crack at the lip as I was getting ready to decorate it and tried to patch it, but that didn't work (I've since learned that paper clay on bisque is a terrific patch!..see below.) Anyway, Monica suggested that I could just cut that crack out, alter it a bit and so I did...more than a bit, because I started just carving a small curve beneath that crack and then couldn't stop but truthfully, I love the way it turned out and I love the handles. It has a retro feel to me. I think I'll be doing more of them, though this time it'll be because I chose to, not because I must!

Today I have this last bunch of jarheads in my kiln. Fingers and toes are crossed that they're dry enough because I have really pushed these last two. I NEED to have the one done by Friday, and so it's spent some time in the oven, drying on very low and this morning I will shut my kiln off for an hour or so once it reaches 100 degrees just to be sure.

Firing is going to be a challenge this week. I have 3 large bowls that I would really love to get fired before my sale on the weekend, but if not, they'll be there for the next one! I can definitely see a bigger kiln in my future!

On another note, I attended a paper clay workshop yesterday with Teresa Gagne from S'toon. Teresa and I recently became fb friends and so getting to meet her in person was exciting and let me just say that she is a lovely person! I really enjoyed the workshop. Paper clay is quite fascinating! I will definitely be trying it with my sculptural work!! I really love 'hanging' with other potters...I can definitely see now why networking is so important!

Times up! As you can imagine, I'm on a schedule these days though it changes constantly! This weekend I will be in Lumsden at the Snowflake sale. Hope to see you there!

Apologies for the bad photos. That is on my list of things to do yet this week before the sale. Also for the messy kitchen table! (We have to push things back to eat! hahahah)


  1. Thanks Brenda, for being so real...messy kitchen table is fine with me. Blogs are a homey way to drop in on each other. Your colors are delightful, and I wish you great luck with your sale.

  2. Yee ha Brenda! Your energy is infectious! The colours look great on the stools and the bowls, your stall will look fantastic, don't forget to take a photo for us!

  3. I think I comment and then they get lost, sorry about that, I do read your blog posts!
    I am trying again!
    Loving your enthusiasm and energy, it's infectious! Don't forget to take a photo of the stall all set up too, the bowls look brilliant on their colour coordinated stools.

  4. Barb, thank you so much. I'm finding that the comments of other potters living the life I'm living at the moment is quite comforting! We'll all take a much needed rest after Christmas! Thanks Helen! I hope it's infectious enough that it springs you into action! How's that going btw?

  5. Nice update, fun work! Thanks for sharing. And yes., thanks for keeping it real. This is Ana from the clayer group :) I am now under artes ana.


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