Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breathe, Brenda....breathe!

Feeling a little overwhelmed, though I did have a good chuckle at some comments posted on fb from a few of my equally stressed out potter friends...just when I was thinking I might be alone! I hate to wallow in your misery but it's always comforting to know that I'm not the only one staying up late and rising early and eating crap...yes, that's right crap! Adriana Christianson commented on eating corn flakes for supper and instant noodles for lunch. Now I love cereal and if I could, I'd probably eat it for every meal (god knows I have!), but all those carbs make me sluggish and I need the energy right now! That being said, I had toast for lunch. I did make dinner though. Fran's Chili Chicken (I think that's what it's called) and it was soooo delish, but I eat so fast these days and as a result suffer from heartburn and truthfully, I'm not even sure I tasted most of what went into my mouth!

So, I desperately need groceries. It's literally been months since I've bought a cart full of them. Oh, we've picked up the odd thing. Eggs...we're eating a lot of them these days...and milk of course. Bread, though I'm still trying to stay off that (the toast was a bit of a carb breakdown!) and bananas. Apples and bananas, peas and carrots. Not a lot of variety in what I'm eating these days! I'm not sure I can remember what a salad tastes like (and I do love a nice spring green salad) and I'm sick to death of carrots and frozen peas (thank god I have the carrots from my garden or I'd have even less to chose from!).

This evening was a bust. I sat on the sofa, mouth hanging open and snored my way through a quick cat nap, while my poor mother watched 'A Few Good Men' and complained when I finally came to that she didn't like that movie and had seen it before. So we found another...some stupid movie, that I sat through because I was just too lazy to go downstairs to finish up the bowls I've been decorating. Because I had to, I did sneak away for an extended commercial to attach the little bw stamp to each bowl and managed to break the rim of one of them because I was rushing. I also managed to make a pan of puffed wheat squares because my poor mother has been complaining that I have nothing in the house to eat (and she's meaning anything sweet and not good for us) and so ate more crap!

Tomorrow night I'm going out for dinner. It's a sponsorship dinner with speeches but I need the break. Between clay and snow I'm feeling really housebound! I'm looking forward to shedding my dusty clothes and dressing up...running a comb through my hair, actually applying mascara! hahahahah

Okay..so lots of nonsensical babble at 12:00 am, but it somehow keeps me sane. I'd love to hear how the rest of you are doing these days, when making is taking over our lives! You can find more of us at Mud Colony!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No Rest for the Weary...

Not entirely true. I DID throw a few smaller bowls on Monday...just a little bigger than my little 'salt' bowls, but smaller than my small bowls. I had requests for something just a little bigger. They'll be adorable with in my polka dots and I might stencil something on them or at least on a few. I also cut out a bunch of my hang tags, which were uber popular (I figured they would be...especially to the eco conscious crowd!). Yesterday I had some running around to do and frankly, I think it all suddenly caught up with me and I was soooo tired, I only walked into my studio to flip my bowls upside down.

But today, I'm pumped and I have my 'To Do' list in hand. Finishing my coffee and then off I go to throw and throw and throw. More bowls, more BIG bowls (sold them all), a few new things and a new design. White on white I think. The inside of my big Olga bowl drew lots of attention...the big dots on white and it's something I have considered for a while. I'll do it to keep things interesting, 'cos doing the same ole, same ole bores me quickly! hahahah

This is where I want to thank all of you that visited me at Wintergreen! It was a great sale for me and all thanks to you of course! I got to reunite with so many of my old FN customers, who I really do miss (and quite frankly it was a little like 'coming home'!) and had to pleasure of introducing myself to so many new people and exhibitors too. I also got to meet my 'stalker' (you know who you are!) and apologize for not recognizing her by name when she introduced herself to me! I hope you enjoy your bowl, Claire! I also need to thank my sister Kelly, sales woman extraordinaire and thanks as well to Monica my CARFAC Mentor!

After set up! I was amazed at how much I had actually made!

Just a few hours before closing!

I hope to have a some work in the Art Gallery of Regina Christmas sale with the Regina Guild November 30, to December 2. Friday 1-9 pm ; Saturday 10 am - 5 pm ;
Sunday 11 am - 4 pm. I have also submitted a few Jarheads in the Community Art Show and Sale at the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre in Regina Beach. I'm really excited about that...a first for me! There is an opening reception on November 25th from 12:30 to 3:30!

Then I'm off to S'toon for Flock and Gather on the 7th and 8th of December! I'm super excited to be a part of that sale! I've heard nothing but good things and I've met a few of the organizers...all terrific and talented artists!

Whew! It doesn't end there! :) I have also been asked to sell my work in a few local shops, which I'm ecstatic about. I'll let you know when and where as soon as I know!

So there you go...a little info on what I'm doing, have done and will do and a huge bouquet of thanks to all of you!

I am truly blessed!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


If this doesn't put people in the mood for Christmas shopping, nothing will! We've had out first big snowfall of the season. Big one. Lots of snow and still snowing. I have no idea how much, but it looks to be about a foot deep in the ruts my hubby left in the driveway when he left this morning. It's soooo pretty. I will admit to loving the snow, especially when it's undisturbed...no mucky dirty bits, just that lovely white blanket enveloping everything and the thick frosting like dollops hanging off the trees. I went out this morning to take the photo in my pj's. Just slipped on my hubbies running shoes and stood there taking the pictures. Not nearly as impressive as it is for real, but still pretty!

Seems fitting that I should post a few photos of my newly bisqued, carved porcelain pots. (Seeing how they're snow white!) They survived the bisque fire and truthfully, I have no idea what to expect when I glaze them. Maybe that's when they might crack, warp, possibly disintegrate? hahahah Either way, I LOVE them and can't wait to see them finished!

Busy morning for me, more pots to decorate! Time is ticking!

A great big happy birthday to Mud Colony, which I'm told turned one year as of yesterday! More and more wonderful potters are sharing their blog posts and photos. Great stuff! Why not pop over to take a peek....here!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas Sale #1

Christmas Sale #!...over!

This was a small sale, and I paid literally peanuts for the table. Quite a nice crowd and great feedback on my work. Sold a little of everything including two Jarheads so that was terrific! (thank you Barb, Erin and Jackie!). Thanks too to my sister Jackie...for driving out after the freezing rain/snow storm on a bad tire (because hers went flat!).

As I was unpacking all my pots I was surprised to find that I actually had more than I thought I did...or maybe it was just setting it all up together. In fact, I think for the next sale, I won't put out so many of each. I did have a 10' table which I won't have for the next sale. That will be an 8', so it'll look even fuller than this one! I was pretty happy with my set up too....maybe a few things to tweak but all in all it worked well. I found that having matching sets made it much easier to display things and I'll continue to make those! Maybe add another design or two or maybe what I have right now is good for this season..and I'll have to come up with some new colours and patterns for spring. I'll definitely make more salt bowls and I think a few more serving type dishes for this next sale. I might even tackle the dreaded mug (because I did have people asking). I'd love to try a cake plate but I've never really tackled a plate that large and I have read horror stories about cracking. Maybe some tumblers... There was a lot of interest in my scoops and a request for green ones...might have to make a few of those too!

So here are some pictures pre door opening. I'm tired...just sitting quietly and watching the Riders..who are playing poorly!

I'm off to check out what my potter friends over at Mud Colony have been up to! You should visit them too...here!