Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas Sale #1

Christmas Sale #!...over!

This was a small sale, and I paid literally peanuts for the table. Quite a nice crowd and great feedback on my work. Sold a little of everything including two Jarheads so that was terrific! (thank you Barb, Erin and Jackie!). Thanks too to my sister Jackie...for driving out after the freezing rain/snow storm on a bad tire (because hers went flat!).

As I was unpacking all my pots I was surprised to find that I actually had more than I thought I did...or maybe it was just setting it all up together. In fact, I think for the next sale, I won't put out so many of each. I did have a 10' table which I won't have for the next sale. That will be an 8', so it'll look even fuller than this one! I was pretty happy with my set up too....maybe a few things to tweak but all in all it worked well. I found that having matching sets made it much easier to display things and I'll continue to make those! Maybe add another design or two or maybe what I have right now is good for this season..and I'll have to come up with some new colours and patterns for spring. I'll definitely make more salt bowls and I think a few more serving type dishes for this next sale. I might even tackle the dreaded mug (because I did have people asking). I'd love to try a cake plate but I've never really tackled a plate that large and I have read horror stories about cracking. Maybe some tumblers... There was a lot of interest in my scoops and a request for green ones...might have to make a few of those too!

So here are some pictures pre door opening. I'm tired...just sitting quietly and watching the Riders..who are playing poorly!

I'm off to check out what my potter friends over at Mud Colony have been up to! You should visit them!


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