Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No Rest for the Weary...

Not entirely true. I DID throw a few smaller bowls on Monday...just a little bigger than my little 'salt' bowls, but smaller than my small bowls. I had requests for something just a little bigger. They'll be adorable with in my polka dots and I might stencil something on them or at least on a few. I also cut out a bunch of my hang tags, which were uber popular (I figured they would be...especially to the eco conscious crowd!). Yesterday I had some running around to do and frankly, I think it all suddenly caught up with me and I was soooo tired, I only walked into my studio to flip my bowls upside down.

But today, I'm pumped and I have my 'To Do' list in hand. Finishing my coffee and then off I go to throw and throw and throw. More bowls, more BIG bowls (sold them all), a few new things and a new design. White on white I think. The inside of my big Olga bowl drew lots of attention...the big dots on white and it's something I have considered for a while. I'll do it to keep things interesting, 'cos doing the same ole, same ole bores me quickly! hahahah

This is where I want to thank all of you that visited me at Wintergreen! It was a great sale for me and all thanks to you of course! I got to reunite with so many of my old FN customers, who I really do miss (and quite frankly it was a little like 'coming home'!) and had to pleasure of introducing myself to so many new people and exhibitors too. I also got to meet my 'stalker' (you know who you are!) and apologize for not recognizing her by name when she introduced herself to me! I hope you enjoy your bowl, Claire! I also need to thank my sister Kelly, sales woman extraordinaire and thanks as well to Monica my CARFAC Mentor!

After set up! I was amazed at how much I had actually made!

Just a few hours before closing!

I hope to have a some work in the Art Gallery of Regina Christmas sale with the Regina Guild November 30, to December 2. Friday 1-9 pm ; Saturday 10 am - 5 pm ;
Sunday 11 am - 4 pm. I have also submitted a few Jarheads in the Community Art Show and Sale at the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre in Regina Beach. I'm really excited about that...a first for me! There is an opening reception on November 25th from 12:30 to 3:30!

Then I'm off to S'toon for Flock and Gather on the 7th and 8th of December! I'm super excited to be a part of that sale! I've heard nothing but good things and I've met a few of the organizers...all terrific and talented artists!

Whew! It doesn't end there! :) I have also been asked to sell my work in a few local shops, which I'm ecstatic about. I'll let you know when and where as soon as I know!

So there you go...a little info on what I'm doing, have done and will do and a huge bouquet of thanks to all of you!

I am truly blessed!

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  1. Everything looks super, congrats on all your sales and good luck with the upcoming ones. I know what you mean about doing the same ole thing, that's why I change it up as I go along. Ha. Can't wait to see the white on white.


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