Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Doldrums.....

Just so you know. I haven't forgotten about you. I'm not ignoring you on purpose, nor have I dropped off the face of the earth.

What I am is sick again...with yet another cold. Who knew it was possible to catch a second cold when you weren't yet over the first and if you think one can be annoying...well....two is worse, but I don't think I had to tell you that. This second one was a head cold, definitely a fav of mine. For two or three days my head felt massive, (for those who know my noggin you'll be wondering if that's even possible) but luckily it worked it's way down to my chest, until I couldn't tell one cold from the other. I won't get into the disgusting details but suffice it to say that I'm surely missing more than a little brain matter and a good portion of a lung or two.

Remind me to buy stocks in Kleenex!

On a positive note I have improved. Still coughing, still blowing the ole' horn, sleeping a little better, still no get-up-and-go.

That sucks!

I have all these things I need and want to do! Some I'm not so keen on, but unfortunately they have deadlines. I know the clay can wait...no deadlines there, except to get my jury application in to the Craft Council. I can throw next week or the week after that. What I'm really itching to do...at least in my head (my body refuses to acknowledge the idea) is finish cleaning my studio, which was a disaster after the hectic madness of Christmas and more of a disaster now 'cos my dear husband had to shuffle a few things around to install some new lights.

I just know that a clean studio will help inspire me to get moving....maybe for an hour...small steps!

Until I have more to post, here's a photo of my latest Jarhead. She's going to need a name...any suggestions?