Sunday, February 3, 2013

Colds, Snow and Dreams

Good news! There's a little less nose blowing happening here these days and I've had the same tissue box sitting beside me and it's still half full, so that in itself must mean I'm getting better! Actually, I am feeling better, much better, so today...yes today...I'm going to finish up a few things in my studio so that I can start throwing. Yesterday I rearranged my cupboards so that I could organize my show and sale props, etc. and I cleaned up my little jars of underglazes, which I know might seem tedious (and it was to be honest), but surprisingly so many of them were drying up and they're far too expensive to just toss!

I also enrolled in another pottery class. I'm still not happy with throwing a cylinder and I'm hoping that this will be the class where I master that. I explained that to my instructor, Jan, when I registered and so my first class, she had us throw cylinder after cylinder and cut them open. Admittedly the first one was hard to cut open. But it got easier as the night went on, especially when I could see some improvements. I'm determined to perfect them, once and for all! We're going to attempt to make a tulipiere, which fascinates me. Of course I'm loving all the wonderfully detailed ones I'm finding pics of on google, when I know I should start with something less complicated!

Feeling a little housebound these days with all the snow and bad road conditions that I find myself day dreaming...more than usual! I normally get the itch come January and start dreaming of summer and my garden, and having fresh veggies to pick and eat. Not one seed catalog has yet to arrive in the mail, so that's a little disappointing. I must remember to order some. This year, I'm also pouring over possible workshops that I'd love to attend All quite overwhelming, because of course I want to do them all! What's really interesting me is a porcelain workshop. I worry that I'm not experienced enough yet for porcelain, but I'm so in love with the carving of it! Here's a few examples for those of you less familiar.

The gorgeous vase is by Lynne Meade. I love layering! You can read more about here here!

This is the work of Jennifer McCurdy. Stunning right? The movement is amazing! Ceramic Arts Daily has a video of her carving one of her pots. She makes it look so easy, but trust me it's not (yes, I've tried). You can find more of her work here!

Another favourite of mine is Antoinette Badenhorst. She and I have become FB friends and she's really so lovely and encouraging. Her work is so incredible. I love the translucent porcelain. I really do hope to one day attend one of her workshops. You can find her here!

Last but certainly not least, because there are so many more porcelain artists whose work I admire, is Amy Kline. Like Antoinette, Amy has become a FB friend too. I won't lie. When I get a response from any of these exceptionally talented clay artists, it feels a little like I've met a movie star (but frankly far more exciting to me!) The fact that they take a few moments of their time to talk to little 'ole me...well....

I have Amy's workshop on my wish list, and just hope that it's not full before I make a decision. Vegas in the summer...HOT...but there's a pool at her studio, and it all looks very comfy. You can read more about her here and her studio! dream....


  1. I am a big fan of Jennifer. Her works are truly amazing and yes it is much more difficult when trying on my own.

  2. Thanks for highlighting Jennifer McCurdy's work. I am looking for inspiration, as a newbie at pottery. I just finished my first course : This is my "collection" so far.


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