Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Stuff!

Some new stuff!!! Feeling a retro vibe! I want to add something more to the blue atomic star inspired cups....thinking I might carve some additional stars in them or maybe try decals for the first time. Ideas appreciated. I'll decorate the pitcher with the stars too, a little differently. I did manage to trim the bottom on my Giffin....I used a foam bad underneath and it took me a while to get it centered but it worked! Thank goodness, because I had the handle on already! (yes I know...what was I thinking!)

The little round tumblers are inspired by the wonderful spaghetti string glassware. I love the pastel colours and how sets always included one of each. I remember my mom had some and I always loved the feeling of them. I bought a set a few years back and gave them to my sister! What was I thinking! hahahaha I carved lines around the loops and I think I might wash a darker version of the same coloured cup once bisque fired. I hope those lines will show up better then. Will also make a pitcher to match. Kinda loving pitchers right now!

Small accident. I went to move my carved vase and based it against the edge of one of my shelves chipping off a big chunk. I had to cut it down a little to smooth it out. How maddening!

It's been ages since I've shared anything on the Mud Colony Blog. Not this week! A great group of wonderful sure to check out their recent work here!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring...just around the corner?

Snow, snow and more snow! I know it's all going to disappear eventually...but when! Another foot of snow fell on the weekend. Our roads are blocked. We've broken our snowfall record from the winter of 1955-56! Over 196.1 cm...that's over 6 1/2 feet!
I can believe it. I can't remember this much snow. I can't remember highways been closed as often as they have been this year or roads blocked so that I'm stuck here in my house! On Friday I watched our resident deer walk across the front lawn in hopes of finding a branch to nibble in the bluff. The belly of one of the bigger deer was dragging in the snow. Needless to say, it was slow going, but the poor things are so hungry. There's no food to be found. The snow is too deep and they can't dig deep enough to find any grass or leaves or whatever it is deer eat and quite honestly they've stripped the bottoms of most of the trees in our yard and we have a LOT of trees ( yard....shelterbelt...I can vouch for 2000+ because we planted them!)

I felt so bad for them that I chopped up the celery and carrots that I had in my refrigerator, along with some apples and poured out the bag of bird seed. Then it snowed...and it was all buried and hidden from them, but today I see there are tracks...LOTS of tracks, right in the area where I heaped it all, and the snow has been pawed away. Sadly it wasn't much and I didn't see them eating it, so not sure how many were there. What I do know is there were a lot of tracks and we've seen as many as 16 at a time. So not likely it was enough to fill any bellies but at least it was something. I talked to our nearest neighbour on the phone today and he was telling me he feeds them everything....all his leftovers....including potato salad and they're gobbling it up! Who knew? I guess when you're hungry, you'll eat anything.

If I can say one good thing about all this snow and being trapped in my house, it's that boredom finally set in and I had to find something to keep myself busy. So, it's back to potting! I've had 3 really productive days and feeling really inspired. I have some new work. Retro inspired. I spent all of today decorating some really cute tumblers and I have a great pitcher that I will decorate tomorrow, after I figure out how to trim the bottom because I can't set it on it's spout. I do have a new Giffin Grip and might try to hold it up with those arms it comes with, though they scare me a little. I can't possibly tip the pitcher and hold it mid air while I'm squeezing it between those arms, so I'll have to get my hubby to help. I hope I don't ruin it. I love the shape and I can picture it finished. I have no idea if it'll be a good pitcher, but I really like making them. In fact, there are plans for another very soon!

I'll post pics of my stuff tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fire It Up!!!

Three months into the year and I have finally fired some new work! Remember that I only have a small kiln, so filling it, shouldn't be that difficult!

I've learned that I'm not the only potter having trouble with motivation. Somehow that's comforting! Wondering if it should be? I will admit to working best under pressure and at the moment I don't have anything too pressing other than my jury session which does take place in less than a month. (Just typing that has made me panic slightly!) I think all this procrastinating is partly due to this endless winter! I feel quite housebound and in fact, AM housebound! It seems that whenever I am scheduled to go somewhere the weather turns ugly and I'm having to cancel appointments! It's getting frustrating! One day of lovely, warmish (that would be just above freezing) weather and I'm tearing apart my closets and dejunking in anticipation of spring! I need more of those days!

We're in the midst of yet another winter storm. I waited all weekend for this one. A needle felting class that I was looking forward to was cancelled because of this impending storm and wouldn't you know that Saturday was absolutely gorgeous...melting and warm and had me worried that yet again the weatherman might be wrong. But no such luck... A little later than originally predicted the snow started falling and with it the wind. I can hear it howling as I'm sitting here, but it's dark out and I can't really see if it's still snowing or how bad the visibility is. Last night it seems the highways were a mess and travel wasn't recommended. I would guess this morning will be much the same. I'm glad I don't have to be anywhere today and the idea of hunkering down in my basement studio and playing with clay feels like a good idea!

Stay tuned..I just might have more work to show you very soon!

PS: I apologize for the photos...far too much glare! I need to set up something permanently so I'm not putting something together in a hurry!