Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Stuff!

Some new stuff!!! Feeling a retro vibe! I want to add something more to the blue atomic star inspired cups....thinking I might carve some additional stars in them or maybe try decals for the first time. Ideas appreciated. I'll decorate the pitcher with the stars too, a little differently. I did manage to trim the bottom on my Giffin....I used a foam bad underneath and it took me a while to get it centered but it worked! Thank goodness, because I had the handle on already! (yes I know...what was I thinking!)

The little round tumblers are inspired by the wonderful spaghetti string glassware. I love the pastel colours and how sets always included one of each. I remember my mom had some and I always loved the feeling of them. I bought a set a few years back and gave them to my sister! What was I thinking! hahahaha I carved lines around the loops and I think I might wash a darker version of the same coloured cup once bisque fired. I hope those lines will show up better then. Will also make a pitcher to match. Kinda loving pitchers right now!

Small accident. I went to move my carved vase and based it against the edge of one of my shelves chipping off a big chunk. I had to cut it down a little to smooth it out. How maddening!

It's been ages since I've shared anything on the Mud Colony Blog. Not this week! A great group of wonderful sure to check out their recent work here!

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