Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Latest....

Before you ask...

No, I haven't been sick all this time, though it did take me a while to recoop.

Yes, I've been neglecting you, but not because I've been sitting on my thumbs. My brother and his family were here visiting and my daughter spent a weekend visiting with us as well. She left the grand-dog with us and let's just say that puppy is all-consuming! We returned her to my daughter and her fiance and spent a week visiting with them. There was a wedding shower for her while I was there and that was nice....or maybe nice isn't the right word.....it was so much fun! (what a WILD bunch they are!)

I have been throwing....LOTS! My biggest problem now is the size of my kiln and the fact that I'm really limited to how much I can fire at one time. I don't even stack my bisque fire because I've found the underglazes will leave a mark on the piece sitting on top. Coming home from our little trip, I stopped in Medicine Hat to pick up some supplies and talked to them about a new kiln...bigger one. I need to save up my pennies but I'm pretty sure it's inevitable, which truthfully, I'm going to really look forward to!

I did drop off some pots at a little consignment shop before I left on my holiday and got an email while away asking for more! Wooohoooo!! If that's not incentive for me to make and make and make some more! Finished decorating some pots this morning and glaze firing this afternoon. Sometimes I wish I was just glazing period...none of this underglaze/paper resist/carving stuff. I'd love to have shelves of bisqued pots sitting there waiting. I find that once my pot is too dry, there is nothing I can do to get my paper to stick to my pot, so I can only throw so much at a time, even if I wrap them really well in hopes they'll dry slowly...which by the way...these days it's quite humid so that's been less of a problem. Anyway, not complaining (much), because of course I LOVE the decorating most of all!

When I'm not potting....I'm making these crepe paper flowers for my daughter's upcoming wedding. Hundreds of them...yes...I'm serious. Oh, and little blue vases for the tabletops...3 per table. Did I mention I'm also sewing napkins. Uh huh....and little skirts for the flower girls and one for the junior bridesmaid....

Posting a few pics and then off to work I go!

My daisy pots drying in the sun. Hopefully that'll speed up the drying!

Mock tabletop set up. The flowers will vary from table to table, but I'm really loving my big peonies!

Rose! This crepe paper is two sided.

Don't faint, but I'm going to post this on Mud Colony. Miss A is sure to pass out! Be sure to peek at the work of other wonderfully talented artists at this link!