Friday, October 25, 2013


The following post may cause you to gasp loudly. More severe reactions can include falling to the floor in a faint or shaking your head in disbelief.

That's right. I'm posting. How long has it been? MUCH too long... and while I'm full of excuses, most of you know that I have been very busy prepping for my daughter's wedding. After all, I was an integral part of the decorating committee along with my sister and niece. My beautiful, newly wed, daughter entrusted us with that duty, knowing that we LOVE that sort of thing. The first week or so was a little rocky trying to decide on colours and the overall theme, but the arrival of the cutest pair of John Fluevog shoes in a mustard-y yellow and coral-y pink set the tone!

Select photos by Eyelet Photography

Most of you know that I had volunteered to "make" much of what we were going to be using for the wedding. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a control freak, and perhaps, I'm a even a little OC when it comes to quality. It's not unusual for me to say "oh, I can make that!" and most often I can, though sometimes I'm tearing up hair out and asking myself what I was thinking! That being said, I might have gotten more than a little carried away with this wedding (but then again, this WAS my daughter and there isn't anything we wouldn't do for our kids, is there?) Thankfully, my daughter had to put her foot down more than once and tell me no, SHE would look after that. (Thank you sweetie saved my santity!)

Everything went so well...wonderfully in fact! The resort was amazing, set in the mountains. The air was crisp, but the sun shone, despite predictions of rain and the trees...I can't even describe how gorgeous the fall colours were. Five hundred plus flowers later, fifty plus hand thrown vases, one hundred and fifty hand made napkins, crepe paper streamers, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and countless hours of planning, one absolutely stunning bride, one extraordinarily handsome groom, beaming parents and grandparents...aunts and uncles, etc.... it was all worth it. (I even sewed my outfit!) Love WAS definitely in the air!

It's taken me a week to recoup, and I'm not lying when I say my house is in desperate need of some cleaning. Little bits of crepe paper still dot the floors and unpacked boxes sit at the door, but today...yes TODAY...I'm going to my messy need of a clean as well...but I need to throw. The itch is back and I have some upcoming sales I need to be ready for! I'll post info on those later, but for's time to play in some mud!

I'm popping over to Mud Colony to read more on what my fellow potters have been up to! You should do it too! Just click here!

Have a glorious, sunshine-y day!